Nov 6, 2015

Why don't I make patterns for my own tomboy girl?

Why is it so hard to find designs for little tomboy girls? I have looked around Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pottery Barn. Of course online, too. With those front door stores, I could find only super girly and super boy, not something in between unless it's for babies. With online stores, I don't have even a clue where to find other than But as you all know, it's just an ocean of goods. Without any clues, it's hard to expect any luck.

Why there is no pink trucks and trains, no pink super hero girl, no pink ninjas...?
Well.... I am a designer, illustrator, artist... whatever. I have all the abilities to make this happen to myself. I simply design and print those on the things that I need, currently a bed set. 

So these are a little sample of what I had came up with along the list of what Jodi likes. 
I hope this goes further and actually make it happen.

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