Sep 14, 2016

Ideas to finish

Third batch of postcard for this year.
Before this, I wanted to put several things on my postcard.

1. Animal
2. People or person
3. Color
4. Black and White
5. One of them shows background and situation.

Missing the person, black & white, and scene, I pulled some ideas for the backside image.

Then these are the selected and finished!
These are done by photoshop, which is not something that I choose all the time.
However certainly it was fun process. 

Jul 16, 2016

Jul 13, 2016

#ABCsummer "Air is hot"

With starting of Summer, SCBWI Carolina illustrators started the series of #2016ABCsummer.
This is my participation pieces. My intention in this project is, of course, practicing and having fun.
I want to see playing with various medium with new techniques, and typography.

Jun 6, 2016

Another exciting update - "Goldilocks Is Back!"

It has been amazing journey with this book since 2013.

In 2013, I met this active couple, Robert and Anne at a local art and craft market.
When they shared the idea of this book, I was so fascinated and could not agree more.

Who is fine with Goldilocks behavior in the traditional fairy talk "Goldilocks and Three Bears"
In the modern terms, Goldilocks did break-in somebody's house and messed up with somebody's belongings. If Goldilocks was not a little kids, this story easily turn into a short and light criminal story. What about her parents? Seriously, Goldilocks' parents are not going to do anything about this event when they got to know?

After I completed the design and illustrations, the initial self-publishing was in 2013.
The couple got an agent for this book to get to the major market, and I luckily could get involved in the process.
However, we had to go through a sad lost of agent, pushing to the major publisher had been stopped.
Ever since, I took this book from show to show and saw how this book sold. Well... every show, I sold all the copies that I brought.

After a little revision with some typos inside and modification of the cover in 2015,
this book is finally available on my Etsy shop and

The books on Etsy are limited edition of illustrator signed copies, and I will be the one who sends it.
On, customers will experience the quick and easy process just like other shipment.

Please, check out! I guarantee this is a really nice addition to the traditional Goldilocks book.



May 27, 2016

Frog Card Set is available on Etsy

This product has been around for a while, and people adore it.
However, somehow the idea to put this online finally came through my mind today.

Sorry for the followers and seekers.

This product is super handmade item.

Not just illustrations,
picking the kind of paper (which is stonehenge, not a regular printing paper)
printing (I did not go through any printing company to be able to print on this particular paper)
Box cutting and making ( Yes. I folded the box.)
and whatever else that needs to be done

It includes

5 white envelops
5 blank cards that are all different as you see above.
1 Box

Size for cards is 4"x6"

You will see and experience what is THE HANDMADE ITEM at the professional level.