Sep 27, 2015

Etsy Shop is up!

How long have I been stuggling to set this up?

Yeah, yeah, I cannot ignore some my lazy part, but Argh...that bank account set up just did not work for a long time.

Is it a weird local bank? No! It's Bank of America.

Did I put a wrong number? Maybe initially. But after tried many times with making sure it's the correct number?

However, this time, the same number, somehow miraculously worked.

I call it a miracle.

Currently I have 10 items, including some sleeping animals, and once upon a time, and one book with the new title "Goldilocks Is Back!" previously "...And The Three Bears"

I goal is updating every month with a new item, ideally every two weeks.

Sounds small, but I know it is hard for me to achieve.

Wish me a luck!

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