Jun 25, 2015

Working with Art Director - Illustrator Intensive from NJ SCBWI Conference

The Illustrator Intensive that I took was about working with art director. Patti Ann Harris, Executive Art Director from Scholastic, was the presenter for the session. She gave the attendees an assignment; choosing a prompt from three given stories, submitting a sketch, revising and illustrating the final spread based on her feedback.

The intensive was mainly discussing and critiquing each other's illustrations. Patti added helpful tips and advice. Also, she introduced successful board books and novelty books.

Patti's Feedback:
I applaud you for tackling a more conceptual and complicated solution to the spread. The circular layout has a magical quality and suggests an interesting and robust movement. It could, however be made more clear with a few revsions. I would be careful of the area of overlap where the butterfly covers the bunny’s back legs. I think you might want to clarify that area a bit more so that you really get the feeling of the bunny flying through the air being chased by butterflies. The exaggerated length of the arms might be a tad too long. I would play with that length a bit as you develop his hind legs. Have fun going to final art and think about how you want to maintain that sense of movement when you go to color.

Below is my revised and finalized work for the spread.

I kept the circular layout. I cleared the area where a butterfly and the bunny overlap. Flying bunny was not what I meant, so I put the ground. However, I tried to keep the floating feeling and atmosphere. Certainly the length of arms are fixed. 

The thing that I can improve better is the character. Though I tried variations of bunny characters, I still feel this is a bit... too.. white? boring? too innocent? In a way, it is age appropriate for board books.

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