Jun 29, 2015

My score for SCBWI Carolinas Art Contest!

Early this year, I submitted this piece for SCBWI Carolinas Art Contest. The theme was creating my version of Charlotte's Web. It was fun and challenging to work on this. Picking color palette, working with typography, and creating an powerful image even from the distance were the problems to solve.

Anyway, this is what I got from Chad Beckerman. Whether you might notice this blog or not, I really appreciate your opinion. It could be really nice if I could have comments. but it's okay. I can see you are busy from facebook. 

Artwork#5 ( I guess mine was #5)
1-10 (1 is low, and 10 is high)

Choice of image: 8 
(I don't know what exactly this would mean.)

Suitability for marketing:7 
(Hmmm... I guess it was not clear enough and not powerful enough. I can admit that the usage of typography is not strong enough.)

Understanding of design:7 
(Hmmm... well.. I really like this design. I wanted to viewer to see more as they come closer and everything is about the pig.)

Confident handling of style:7
(It's disappointing while this is truly from my style except new trial of color palette.)

Technical Competence: 6
(... Very disappointing. I can cry on this.)

Appropriate for market: 8
(So... is this mean still somewhat sellable???)

I guess overall it's mediocre okay. Clearly, I am not the winner. 
Okay... book cover is not something that I have confident, but I love to work on those.
This will help me to improve my design and illustration skill for book cover, posters, cards and things. Now I am going to work on Banned Book illustration. Yoo hoo! I am not a huge reader but still a book nerd. Aren't I?

Do you want to see what others did?
Go here: http://scbwicarolinasart.blogspot.com/ 

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  1. Hi Jee! Don't let the scores get you down...overall they are really good and your artwork is phenomenal! I think you have the right attitude about it, too. Maybe the technical competence score is lower because the title of the book "Charlotte's Web" is small in size. Normally, book titles are pretty large on the cover so that you can see them. That's one of those "design" things that can be hard to build into an illustration. I can't wait to see what you show us next! Thank you for posting this on your blog. It's nice to see feedback about the experience.