Aug 3, 2015

Update my studio news.

I posted about three weeks ago I was going to tackle my ugly huge built-in bookcase. I finally somewhat finished. Originally I expected two days prep, and one day painting.

Day 1. Just move things out or the book case. Somewhat ready.

 Day 2. Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Looks like I finished. But this became the preview. I did one coat of Water-based primer (wrong kind) and two coats of paints.

Day 3. I realized paint/primer came off with a little light scratch. The realization of the importance of sanding came. Desperation came. I could not do anything.

Day 4. Prep of sanding. Move everything out of the room. Cover everything up.

Day 5. Sanding. Whatever you have done, get rid of it. It took more than one day. My office became slightly light brown thanks to the dust. 

Day I lost counting. Primed again.


Day I painted one coat again.

Day I painted the second coat again.

Day I did the third coat and poly. 

And today's look. I believe it looks brighter and better than before.

Sucky part. I still have 8 slated doors to sand, prime, and paint for this bookcase. And my rooms is in the middle of process of cleaning and organizing.

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