Dec 8, 2010

It's been crazy.

Since the beginning of this October...

Beiggning of October, I started giddy up to finish the book project up, and it needed to be done by the end of October. With my habbit of putting things to the last minute, I had literally tons of things to do.
In the middle of October, I think it was 16th or something, Spencer got a unofficial job offer from Qualcomm in Raleigh.
Abouth two weeks later, he got the official job offer. But we did not know any specific date of starting the new work or any information about moving plan. They said the relocating company will contact us, and of course, it took several days. During this three weeks period, Spencer and I were cleaning the house and organizing some stuff to put the house for sale before we move out. However, me working, Spencer working, we could not make much of progress on it.
Couple days later, we got somewhat concrete plan for moving.
By this time, I was almost done with the book, but still with some little things.
The weekend of that week, I think it was Nov 5, we flew to Raleigh, met relatives for a day, and had an apartment signed, and then came back to KS on Nov. 10th.
Before this apartment trip, Spencer officially quit Garmin.
On 11th, Me and Spencer kept doing the house work, and I had the greatest last illustration dinner with my illustration folks that night. ㅠㅠ
On 12th, I think packing people came on this day. Maybe it was 13th.
Anyway, 13th we did working on the house. Sadly missed LeAnn's Bachelorette party!
On 14th, working on the house, had farewell party with Garmin people in the house filled with boxes.
On 15th, Loading people came. It took a lot more time than we thought. Loading was not just about moving boxes. That night, Spencer and I cleaned the house completely, a little paints here and there, vacuuming, wiping, all fianl cleaning works. We took a photo of us, and left the house with crying. Seriously, it was really sad. Spencer and I kept dating that house, married, and had a kid in that house. Also, I finished the school, too. Lots of GOOD memories. Anyway, we started to drive that night.
On 16th morning, we arrived at Springfield, AR for Jodi's passport. Luckly, we got her passport that day right at the passport agency. We kept driving, driving, and driving.
On 18th, we arrived at Raleigh, and checked in to the apartment. With the schedule, our stuff will come and unloaded either 19th or 20th.
HOWEVER, it came on 21st. For that two days in the literally empty house, all three of us had pretty hard time.
On 21st, movers came and unloaded and that night we unpacked some of stuff. I almost finished the kitchen stuff!! Then we started to pack. Why????

On 22nd in the morning, we went to RDU airport to go to Korea. Thankfully, the first flight was delayed, so we missed the second flight, too. With the new flights, we went to JFK airport in NY and waited for the next flight for 11hours.
On 24th in the early morning, me, Spencer and Jodi were in Korea. (We did not know while we were in the plane, North Koreans were bombing Yunpyung-do.) On the same day, we move from Seoul to Kyungju.
Nest two days were about meeting relatives and having feast.
27th, we came back to Seoul with horrible traffic. It usually takes 4-5 hours from Kyungju to Seoul by driving. This day, we left my dad's house at 9 in the morning, and got to my brother's apartment at 5 in the afternoon. Especially near Seoul, it took two hours to move 10 km.
28th My family had a party for Jodi's first birthday, and I met one group of my friends.
29th, Spencer's BD and there was a new born from my brother! Excitedly, Uncle and nephew have the same BD.
30th, I had met four group of friends. - -;;;; It was awesome to meet my deer friends, but it was kinda sick to meet people after and after to be honest. But I could not miss any of them, because I don't come to Korea that often, and they are all really close friends for years.
1st, It was another meeting friends day and visiting the new born again.
2nd, intentionally, I did not put any schedule. I got to admit that I almost abandoned my poor hubby and baby during the Korea trip. (Hubby... if you feel bad about it, then learn Korean, then it would not happen.) So... - -;;; we went shopping. That night, we had another family feast, them packed stuff.
On 3rd, we are back to USA

After all these crazy schedule, I have unpacked and organized the apartment for the last few days, and it is almost done except 4-5 boxes. Now I feel like I am settled in Raleigh and very glad that I could finish this writing before the baby wakes up! ^0^

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