Sep 2, 2010

Complains to my hubby

#1. A pair of sandals

This happened a few month ago.
We had a plan to go to a vacation to Florida. I was excited and opened my wish list on a shopping website that I recently found. Among them, there was a pair of sandals that I wanted to buy, thinking I am going to use for at least 2 years. I had that sandals in my mind for more than a month. Finally, I was going to buy. However, right before that, I asked to my husband how he think. WOW! He was cool. He was like, "looks good, go ahead and buy it." YAY! So I was going to click to check out. All a sudden, at the moment of about to click, my husband started to be frustrated by the credit card bill.....
Why.... Why.... WHY?

Of course, I could not buy that pair of sandals that I had in my mind for more than a month. I still have not bought that. Now the season is over, and getting cold....

Guys, please don't talk about credit card bill right before your girl's shopping.

#2. Insecticide

This happened a few days ago.
Well, you might experienced someone who gets bites a lot. Somehow that person attracts insects very well. Well... it seems like that is me. Last few days, I got many many bites, even though I stayed at home. Good thing is my baby did not get anything. I feel like I protected my baby pretty good. Anyway, so I suggested to spray some insecticide thing to my husband. He said no, because of Jodi, the baby. He did not want her to get any of those bad thing. Acceptible. So I suggested again I can put her upstairs while the spray settle down. (He missed this part, and that led to a misunderstanding) Anyway, he did say no.

Later on, I rethought that conversation, scratching my leg, arm, and back to toe. Hmmmm... this is my house, too, and I am the one who stays at home the most and gets all bites. But I don't even have a right to spray insecticide?
I understand he is from a family who care about spraying that stuff, but I am from a family who doesn't care about spraying stuff at all but being bitten.

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  1. columbia :
    oh no!!!!!! no! No! No!!

    OK, let me talk about the # 2 issue first. I totally totally feel your pain. My hubby is exactly like that. These people...(who are they?ha ha) they are so afraid of spraying anything in the air where we will be in. It is so weird... isn't it? our parents (dad usually) were in charge of killing bugs using that insecticide before we go to bed, every summer night. right? to protect us from getting bitten. However, these people of our husbands do not protect their women from all these bugs? ...? I really do not get it. So I suggest that you buy a bug repellent, and apply or spray on your buddy. In that case, he will not worry about the air, or baby, or him getting affected by it. You should ask him to hold baby and do everything with the baby while u are using it, because u do not want baby get it from your body.

    ok, # 1. Get the sandals! now!
    From now on, if you want to buy something- do not think twice. Just get it! Your husband is there for paying for all these things for you. To buy you stuffs, he goes to work. If you do not buy anything, there is no meaning of him going to work everyday. You pushed out a baby for him. Now, it is time for you to shop. Credit card bills exist to pay, and husband is there for paying. So, do not be agitated by these background noisy of your husband worry about the bill. We all know that you never buy anything for no reason. :)