Aug 4, 2010

Kim C = Istvan Banyai

Today, I read this article from 김제동의 똑똑똑, then somehow I thought about Istvan Banyai who showed Kim C kind of artistic attitude.

“나를 지금까지 오게 한 것은 ‘자뻑’이 대부분이야. 예전에 술자리에서 음악평론가와 붙은 적이 있는데 결국 그가 주장하는 것이 나를 납득시키지 못하더군. 내 결론은 ‘당신을 위해 만든 것 아니니 드시던 술이나 계속 드시라’고 했지.”

- 그러고 나면 죄책감이나 두려움 같은 느낌 들지 않아?

“물론 가끔씩 ‘너무 재수없게 보였나’하는 죄책감도 들긴 해. 그렇지만 난 오만하고 이기적인 직업군에 있는 사람이야. 이래도 된다고 생각해.”

Kim C: The most of thing that made me come here is self-confidence. There was one time that I had had some alcohol with a music critique, and what he said did not really convinced me. So I said, "my conclusion is 'I did not make my music for you, so just drink what you've been drinking.'"

Kim Jedong: Don't you feel some sort of guiltiness, after you did it?

Kim C: Of course sometimes I feel guilty about looking too obnoxious. But I am in the industry that is arrogant and selfish. So I think this is okay.

..Love Kim C's music and love his idea, Love Istvan Banyai's works and love his notion.

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