Jun 12, 2010

#1 YES! I am an idiot.

I decided to have ME time to relieve from just being a mom and a wife on Friday night since last week, because I was depressed by being stuck at home all day 24/7 pretty much, and then having my fresh air from either Wal-Mart, Target, or Price Chopper. I didn't really talk about it with my hubby about it. BUT seriously? Do I really need permission to go to a bookstore on Friday night after dinner and all?

However, I (sort of) invited my hubby and baby to ME time, thinking my hubby will respect that time. YES, right. I haven't talked about it, but he seem to be acknowledging it! I packed the computer, books, and sketchbook and everything, thinking I am going to have some researching time and whatever. I thought I can do whatever I need to do and want to do, while my hubby is taking care of Jodi.

We went to the Borders, and then we went to the parenting section, look through some books together. I brought some books and mags to the table. A little bit after he came to the table, too. At the table, baby was fussy with hunger, so I fed Jodi, while my hus looked through the books that I brought. He seemed bored to sit there after looking through them all. I brought a cup of coffee and then he left to look through more books. Guess who left at the table? Me and the fussy baby! And the people at the table by us had the aura of "Gosh! why are they even here at this time with that dxxx baby?" All a sudden, I was the sorry mom and needed to leave.

Can I really blame my hus? I blame my stupidity! Why did I even give the chance? I feel like I was supposed to know this will happen. YES! I am the idiot, stupid, whatever dumb blah.

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